After yet another cold and rainy day in the Stateline (do I sound like a broken record yet?), we are finally in store for some sunshine and warmth later this week. But first, we are under clearing skies here tonight as the low-pressure system that brought all of the rain recently moves out. Those clearing skies tonight bring our temperatures down into the low-40s across the area, with still a slight breeze.

Tomorrow, we hold onto the clear skies so that means lots of sunshine and temperatures into the 60s. This is much closer to where we should be for this time of year, as our normal highs are around 68° this time of year.

After tomorrow, we will continue to warm through the weekend and into next week as well. This is due to a “blocking pattern” in the jet stream. This is where two low-pressures force the jet stream to go further North, and bringing temperatures nearly 20 degrees above normal to the Stateline. This will be in evident this week, as pictured below.

With all the warmth, we are also watching the possibility for some thunderstorms on some days during the middle of the week. One in particular we need to watch for is Monday, as the Storm Prediction Center has indicated an area to keep an eye on over the next few days.

A quick peek at the 7-Day forecast shows the highest temperatures we have seen since September! Temperatures will reach the mid and upper 80s for the middle of the week, including a near-record high on Thursday, coming within 2 degrees of the 87° record set back in 2011.

For more details on this forecast, watch this video clip from the 6PM newscast.