Though the heat is not going to be even close to as bad as what we had about a week and a half ago, we are still tracking hot, well above normal temperatures for the rest of your Labor Day Weekend and into tomorrow. Our record high on Labor Day was 96 back in 1922 and 2012. Our coolest high was only 61 back in 1974. The wettest Labor Day was in three years ago, when we measured 1.61″ of rain. This year will be hot and dry. We will come close to our record high as the forecast for Labor Day is 93.

It stays windy through the rest of the weekend and into the start of the work week. Wind gusts this afternoon will range from 20-25 mph, but a few locations could reach 30 mph. Sunday night winds will be around 15-20 and Monday for Labor Day, 20-25 mph again. Our winds as a low-pressure system will sit north of us start to transition to a westerly pattern by Wednesday and behind the cold front northwest, which is why we will be seeing some cooler air eventually move in, but the lower 80s are still above normal.

Temperatures made it into the upper 80s for most yesterday but today will be warmer. The lower 90s for most are back today and that will continue tomorrow for Labor Day. The hotter weather pattern sticks around with temperatures staying in the lower 90s Tuesday and then the upper 80s Wednesday. By the end of the work week the heat starts to break down.