Late last week, forecast models were painting a rather cold scenario for the Thanksgiving holiday. However, as the weekend progressed, it has become more apparent that this extremely cold air-mass will have a harder time spilling southward. Meaning, the coldest air will settle to our north, resulting in a less chilly Thanksgiving holiday. 

Note: This is why it’s good to see how things trend as we inch closer to the day or event of interest. Forecast models will change until a trend is nailed down. 

Following the departure of our early-week rain-maker, conditions turn primarily dry for Wednesday and for Thanksgiving. 

Traveling on Wednesday may be a tad bit more difficult than on Thanksgiving itself only because there will be more of a wind in place. On the plus side, roads will be dry. Thanksgiving will be breezy, with highs topping out in the low 40s.

It does seem that forecast models are hinting at the chance for snow flurries and showers sometime late Friday night into the early stages of Saturday. As hinted before, the forecast will likely change as we still are a few days out. But it’s definitely something to monitor!