UPDATE: Tornado Watch canceled for Green, Rock and Walworth counties

A TORNADO WATCH has been issued for the counties of Green, Rock and Walworth in southern Wisconsin until 9pm as a cold front moves through central Wisconsin Tuesday evening.

Thunderstorms have been developing well to the north in northern/northeast Wisconsin early Tuesday evening, with only scattered shower/storm development further to the southwest into northeast Iowa. Those storms have had a hard time maintaining their strength thanks to a cap, or lid, on the atmosphere near the state line. So even though there is a tornado watch in effect, overall thunderstorm development may be somewhat limited later this evening.

We’ll continue to monitor conditions to the north in Wisconsin over the next few hours, but if storms are slow to develop then the risk for severe weather, or thunderstorms at all, locally would be very limited. The time line for storms, should they move in from the north, would be roughly between 8pm/9pm and 1am. Wind would be the biggest concern with any thunderstorm that moves in overnight. The cold front passing through Wisconsin Tuesday will be pulled back north as a warm front Wednesday with temperatures likely warming into the upper 80s and low 90s once again Wednesday afternoon.