Latest on Ian:

The latest from the National Hurricane Center shows that Ian strengthened into the 4th hurricane of the 2022 season overnight. Right now, Ian is a low-end category 1 storm with peak winds up to 75 mph. 

With how extremely warm the waters are in the Caribbean Sea, we can expect this storm to undergo the process of rapid intensification. This is when the maximum sustained winds of a tropical cyclone increase at least 30 knots over a 24 hour period.

Ian’s Track:

By the time the storm comes off the eastern coast of Cuba, it’ll be on the verge of category 4 strength with winds up near 140 mph. Forecast models from there have Ian weakening ahead of landfall as it interacts with trough over the eastern U.S. Regardless of the storm’s strength on approach, those who live from Tampa Bay north into the Florida panhandle should have their preparations in check.