Showers and thunderstorms return once again to the forecast Friday, some of which could be strong to severe later in the evening.

Two rounds of thunderstorms are expected Friday, with the first moving in during the morning and the second moving in late in the evening. The first round of thunderstorms has a low potential to be severe locally, as it looks like the higher risk for severe storms will move through the Quad Cities, down through Peoria, and towards Springfield. For us, heavy downpours and a few stronger wind gusts are possible. The first round of thunderstorms will last through Noon (although it doesn’t look like it’ll rain the entire time) with drier skies expected for the afternoon. In fact, it appears as if the majority of the afternoon will be dry.

Highs on Friday will warm back into the mid 80s with a slight increase in humidity following a warm front during the morning.

The second round of thunderstorms forecast to move in late in the evening are dependent on a few factors: timing of a cold front and how it lines up with stronger winds in the upper levels of the atmosphere, as well as with instability and moisture, and just how much the atmosphere is able to destabilize following what comes through during the morning.

There is a possibility that the second round of thunderstorms may not fully materialize, leading to a mostly dry Friday evening. However, a return of moisture following a warm front Friday morning, combined with an increase in upper-level winds towards the evening could be enough to cause storms to develop in eastern Iowa during the late afternoon, quickly moving east into Illinois around/after sunset. If these storms do form damaging winds, hail, heavy rainfall, and even isolated tornadoes can’t be ruled out.

If your plans take you out Friday, please make sure you are staying updated with the forecast throughout the day. Updates on both rounds of thunderstorms – morning and evening – will continue throughout the day.