Unseasonably warm October


It’s no shock to many that the temperatures to begin this October have been unseasonably warm. But how warm have they been? This October as a whole has been one of the warmest on record, ranking second all time to begin the month. A lot of the reasoning behind that is because of how warm the overnight lows have been. If we take a look at the graphic below, we can see just how warm the nights have been. Overnight lows have been anywhere from 10°F to 20°F above average! Temperatures should reach down into the mid to low-40s for this time of year, but we have seen many days still in the upper 50s and even 60s overnight!

Overnight lows started out the month very warm, but have since become much closer to average

Very recently, we finally got our first sub-40°F night when we reached 36°F early Sunday morning. According to National Weather Service Chicago, this was the second latest date on record we had our first sub-40°F night of the season. NWS Chicago also adds that we usually get our first such night by September 27th. The latest date we ever reached 40°F was October 20th, in 1911.

An additional reason why our average temperatures have been so warm is because of our warmer high temperatures. Rockford has not seen a high temperature below 60°F yet this season, and our normal high temperatures should be in the low 60s. However, we have seen a lot more 70s for our highs as of late. NWS Chicago also said that the latest in the season that we had our first sub-60°F high temperature was October 23rd, when we had that happen in 1949. On average, we should have had our first <60°F high by September 27th.

6-10 Day Temperature Outlook from the Climate Prediction Center

While we might get a short break from the warmth later this week, it will not last very long. Beyond this week, we will see the above average temperatures return. per the Climate Prediction Center on their 6-10 Day Temperature Outlook. We will see how the rest of the month turns out, but it looks more and more likely that we will finish in the top-5 warmest Octobers on record.

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