We had another sunny day in the Stateline with temperatures back up into the low 80s for many. Mostly clear skies remain the case overnight, as temperatures fall to the upper 50s and low 60s.

Tomorrow, the sun starts off the day as temperatures quickly warm into the low 80s once again. Clouds begin to move in for the afternoon, and shower and storm chances start late afternoon and early evening.

Rain showers begin to work in for the afternoon and evening hours, with a line of heavier showers and a few storms remaining possible later into the evening and overnight hours.

The system associated with that cold front will cut itself off from the jet stream to the North, and become a cutoff low. This allows the system to stagnate a bit and stall out over the Stateline, keeping gloomy weather with us through Sunday and Monday.

Not only is this low pressure system going to cut itself off from from the jet stream, the fronts are also going to occlude themselves. This happens when the cold front catches up to and “passes” the warm front. This will also keep the gloomier weather hanging around a bit longer.

The weekend is really a tale of two halves… The first part is looking nice and warm with temperatures in the 80s with a slight chance for rain late, but Sunday and Monday are MUCH cooler, with high temperatures down in the 60s with widespread rain showers.

Widespread rain looks to be greatest in coverage mainly Sunday into Monday. Many locations could receive up to an inch or even two inches of rain when everything is all said and done.

Highs in the upper 70s return by the end of next week, and 80s even look possible into the weekend. Warmer weather is here to stay, with the Climate Prediction Center outlooks keeping us with a high probability to see above normal temperatures through the 23rd of September.

The 7 day forecast is definitely going to give some people weather whiplash, with temperatures dropping nearly 20 degrees Saturday into Sunday. Fortunately, we will warm slowly into the end of the week.