The weekend kicked off with some of the clearest blue skies we have seen so far this year! Sunshine helped to warm our temperatures into the mid and upper 50s for many people Friday afternoon. This is also thanks to high pressure centered just to our North. Dew points Friday afternoon were in the 20s and 30s. The drier nature of this air allowed for temperatures to fluctuate easier both with our overnight low last night, but also the afternoon high today.

Those clear skies and relatively dry air will remain in place overnight as temperatures once again fall a bit. We don’t quite reach the 20s like last night, but some spots could fall near the freezing mark again. This is near average low temperatures for this time of year.

While we are remaining clear and cool locally tonight, snow showers will not be too far away. A stationary front draped over Central Wisconsin will develop some snow showers! Luckily high pressure and clear skies will keep that North of the Stateline.

The warm trend sticks with us through the Easter weekend ahead. After a cool night tonight, we return to the low 60s Saturday, and the upper 60s Sunday! We will continue to see plenty of sunshine along with the warmer weather, as we remain free of precipitation. This is a perfect Easter weekend to get out and enjoy the weather in whatever plans you may have!

Beyond the weekend looks even warmer as an upper-level ridge takes over the pattern for the majority of next week. This will help to bring our temperatures well above average for most of the week!

Average high temperatures for this time of year are closer to the upper 50s, but the entire week ahead will feature above-average highs. We warm into the 60s through the rest of the weekend, and then into the 70s for the rest of the week. By Tuesday, highs will be nearly 15-20° above normal! This will be more like the normal highs at the end of May than the beginning of April!

And the warmer weather does not stop with the end of the week either. The middle-term outlook from the Climate Prediction Center is favoring above normal temperatures between the 13th and 17th of April.

Average high temperatures continue to rise through the month of April as well, with normal high temperatures reaching the mid-60s by the end of April!

All while there is the summer-like warmth, we will remain dry throughout much of the week ahead. The only rain chance is Monday, as a small piece of energy breaks away from the upper-level ridge, bringing just enough moisture into the region to bring a few rain showers. These may not actually reach the ground if we keep some dry air at the surface, but this will be our lone chance for rain this week.

Overall, this week will feature our warmest weather since last fall, with very few chances for precipitation. If we see any, it would be Monday. Otherwise, we are warmer and warmer each day through the weekend until we reach the mid-70s Tuesday. The warmest of the days will come starting Tuesday, lasting through the end of the week!