High temperatures across the Stateline made it into the low 80s in many spots, including reaching 80° in Rockford.

This is the latest we have seen temperatures reach 80° since the same day in 1975! Normally, we see our last 80-degree day by around October 4th.

It has been quite windy as of late, and the reasoning for that is because the high pressure we saw for much of the early weekend is now moving out, and a strong surface low pressure is moving in. We know that wind is caused by air moving from high pressure to low pressure. The pressure gradient between the two describes how quickly pressure changes as you go across the gradient. If the space between the high and low pressure is very small, air moves more quickly, meaning higher wind speeds. This is what we have been dealing with over the last few days and continue to deal with tomorrow.

Clear skies that we have seen lately continue tonight, and temperatures fall very slowly tonight despite the clear skies. We only fall to around the 60-degree mark, which is much closer to our normal high temperature for this time of year!

Tomorrow starts out warm, and only warms from there. We end up reaching close to the 80-degree mark again, with many spots topping out in the upper 70s. We stay dry for most of the day, but some rain showers work in as early as 8/9PM.

It remains windy tomorrow, as gusts could be up around 35 mph during the afternoon!

Isolated rain showers begin to work into the area tomorrow evening.

We look to see some dry time Monday, but higher coverage in rain showers come in late Monday night into Tuesday.

Rain showers begin to move in late Sunday and could last into early Wednesday. Along with the rain, this system also brings temperatures much closer to normal for this time of year. We look to dry out a bit into the end of the week.