Wednesday afternoon temperatures once again warmed into the lower to even mid-50s across the Stateline! It was a very mild day for late November under mostly sunny skies. Winds continued to gust between 10-15 mph out of the southerly direction. Overall, it was a picture-perfect day before Thanksgiving if you like warmer weather for the holidays.

Wednesday night temperatures will be much warmer under mostly cloudy skies. Temperatures will remain in the mid 30s, which is also mild for this time of year. Our average high for this time of year is 43 degrees and our nighttime temperatures should be in the upper 20s. Both today and tonight was and will be much warmer than that. Winds will be out of the south between 5-10 mph. For Thanksgiving, unfortunately there will be little to no sun with thicker cloud cover sticking around from the night but at least temperatures will be right near the 50-degree mark. Winds will gust to around 15-20 mph Thursday afternoon.

Rain chances return for the holiday; however, we are still on track to only see minimal issues with heavier and widespread rain staying south/southeast of the Stateline. There could very well be visibility issues and some impact to travel as it is a holiday but just allow for a little bit of extra time as the isolated shower chance will remain in the forecast for the day. Some places in the Stateline will remain dry all day. Only a few hundredths of an inch are expected across the Stateline, so very little measurable rain. Any precipitation will fall as rain with the warmer temperatures in the forecast for the holiday so at least roads will not be slick due to snowy conditions.

The best chance of rain across the area will come later in the day on Saturday, the first half should remain dry and then shower chances return later in the day Saturday into Sunday. This will bring a better chance of rain for us across the Stateline and will be more than what we see on Thanksgiving. 

For shoppers heading out for Black Friday, an isolated chance of rain remains in the forecast until about 1am and then we will dry out. For the afternoon on Friday, temperatures will be in the mid 40s. Temperatures will stay above average for the next few days in the mid to upper 40s.