Temperatures are much warmer than Saturday morning. Temperatures are in the lower 40s for the most part but areas to our southeast, Rochelle and DeKalb, have fallen into the mid 30s. We do sit under a lot of cloud cover early Sunday morning which is helping temperatures stay on the warmer side. However, unlike yesterday, we do have wind chills in place. Wind chills are down to the upper 20s in Rochelle and DeKalb, the mid to lower 30s pretty much everywhere else.

Winds will be more of a factor for the second half of your weekend. Gusts are going to increase this afternoon between 25-30 mph. A few areas could see wind gusts slightly stronger than that. Early Sunday morning they are currently around 15-20 mph.

Warmer temperatures are going to stick around for some time. The next several days we will be in the upper 50s/lower 60s. The warmer days will likely be Wednesday into Thursday. That’s when cloud cover will increase. Thursday into Friday right now will be our best chance of rain over the next several days. Until then warmer, drier, and sunny. We will see temperatures drop off a bit Friday into Saturday but the lower 50s are still above normal.