After a rainy day today, we are looking at much better conditions for tomorrow. Temperatures will rise up into the upper 60s, nearing 70° for the afternoon with a lot of sunshine in the afternoon. Winds will also be greatly improved from previous days, as they will only gust to 25 mph early on in the day.

After tomorrow, the weekend looks to get warmer, reaching a high of 80° on Saturday. Along with the warmth, we have a few chances for rain, particularly on Friday and Sunday. Each day has a chance for thunderstorms as well.

Friday might end up being warmer than forecast. It all depends on the placement of the warm front for the afternoon and evening. If the warm front ends up staying South of the Stateline, then our temperatures might only barely get into the 60s. However, if the warm front lifts North of the Stateline, temperatures could end up reaching the upper 60s or even 70s.

What goes up must come back down.. temperatures return to the 50s after the same system brings a cold front into Sunday afternoon.

We are looking at a warmer weekend, we are back below normal to kick off next week.

For more details on the weekend forecast, watch this video from the 9PM newscast: