Widespread Frost Likely, Freeze Warning Goes Into Effect Friday Morning


It’s no lie when I say that it has been a windy week across the Stateline. With each passing day, winds have picked up in intensity, with the strongest winds being felt late in the day yesterday. Winds for most of our locations peaked around 40-45 mph, with Rockford holding the top spot with a 46 mph gust. Conditions for those heading out for the morning commute remain a bit breezy, so just be sure to keep a firm grip on that steering wheel as you travel to your destination. However, the focus as we head into the second half of the work week will be the chilly temperatures we’ll see behind last night’s strong cold front. After highs in Rockford topped out in the upper 70s yesterday, temperatures today will end up 15°-20° cooler. 

Following this morning’s cold front, chilly westerly to northwesterly winds dropped temperatures into the mid to upper 40s for most. However, the air has a bit of chill to it thanks to the chilly winds behind the front. If you’re stepping out the door early this morning, you’ll definitely need to grab a jacket, hoodie, or a sweatshirt. Whatever you wear to keep yourself warm. It would also be a good idea to have it for later today as this chilly start is a sign of things to come for the rest of the work week. 

High temperatures this afternoon will only top out around 55°, which is roughly 10° cooler-than-average, and 23° cooler than our high on Wednesday. That brisk breeze out of the northwest, especially early on, could gust up to 20-25 mph, which will also make it feel cooler later on today. Aside from fall making a return from vacation, at least we’ll see plenty of sunshine throughout our Thursday once these pesky morning clouds clear out. Most of the region should be clear from this morning’s cloud cover by late-morning. With that being said, you likely won’t need the sunglasses for the morning drive. However, you’ll need them for the evening commute. Clear skies allow for tumbling temperatures overnight Thursday into Friday morning.

As skies remain clear and today’s winds ease up, that creates the perfect formula for temperatures to bottom out overnight. By Friday morning, temperatures in most spots will fall into the low 30s, bringing the potential for widespread frost. With that being said, the entire viewing area has been place under the first FREEZE warning of the season, which will be in effect from 1AM to 9AM Friday morning. This will like mark the end of the growing season. Before going to bed tonight, it will be important to bring in those potted plants and cover all sensitive or tender vegetation. As you prepare to head out the door for work or school early Friday, a heavier coat will be needed. You might also need to give your vehicle a couple of minutes to warm up thanks to the widespread frost.

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