Gusty Winds Overnight:

As a cold front approached the region from the west, winds increased Monday evening, remaining rather strong overnight into early Tuesday. Thanks to last night’s gusty winds, we’re waking up to a MUCH warmer start to our day. Compared to 24 hours ago, temperatures are sitting 15° to 25° warmer, with most in the upper 30s.

Expect winds to remain breezy for the morning commute hours. But the winds that occur early on shouldn’t amount to much as far as impacts when it comes to travel. As this front pulls away, winds will slowly subside during the afternoon.

It’s also during this time that gradual clearing occurs as a weak high pressure system slides in from the central plains. This will leave us with partly cloudy skies overnight tonight, with temperatures falling back into the low 20s. With light winds also on the table, it wouldn’t surprise me if some of us woke up to a round of patchy dense fog. Something to keep in mind as you’re getting ready Wednesday morning.

Next Storm System:

While our next storm system takes shape in the southern plains, conditions remain fairly quiet for much of our Wednesday. Sunshine kicks off the day, with clouds increasing into the afternoon. Highs will once again peak in the low 40s. Clouds aim to gather up Wednesday evening as our next storm system approaches. 

From there, rain is expected to fall in a widespread fashion overnight into Thursday morning. As colder air wraps in on the northern side of storm system, there will be a time frame Thursday where we could see wet snow mix in. The storm by then will be to our east, meaning winds locally will take a turn to the northwest, resulting in slightly cooler highs. Temperatures by Friday will be straddled to the low 30s, hence why we will see a changeover to snow. 

Friday’s Snow:

Accumulation-wise, the current track of the storm keeps the highest potential for plowable and shovelable snow to the north and west. This leaves us with minor accumulations. However, we’ll have to keep an eye on how guidance trends with the overall track of our late week system as the slightest eastward shift will bring some of those higher snowfall totals our way. The weather turns more quiet for Super Bowl weekend. Despite the chill that lingers into Saturday, highs climb back into the 40s Sunday.