Temperatures Saturday afternoon warmed into the low to mid 50s, reaching 54 degrees in Rockford. Skies were filled with plenty of sunshine, but cloud cover did move in during the late afternoon and evening leaving our skies mostly cloudy Saturday night.

Skies are expected to remain dry for most of Saturday night as rain showers begin to lift north, tied to an area of low pressure in the south. The center of that low will move through southern Illinois, but the leading edge of the rain will move across northern Illinois. The air mass over the Stateline is pretty dry so any of the rain, especially early in the day Sunday, will likely stay light. It’s also possible that a few locations don’t receive much rain at all.

Heavier showers are expected further south, across central Illinois. Rainfall amounts will range from a few hundredths of an inch, up to a couple tenths of an inch through early afternoon. Temperatures in a few locations will drop into the 30s which could allow some wet snowflakes to mix in mid to late morning. No snow accumulation is expected. As drier air moves in behind a cold front Sunday afternoon the rain will come to an end, but skies remain mostly cloudy through the evening.

Winds are also going to increase from the northwest, gusting to around 25 mph. This will hold temperatures in the low 40s through Noon, dropping through the 30s by the afternoon. It’ll feel quite different Sunday than it has the last few days. The good news, sunshine does return Monday with temperatures warming through the middle 40s.