Winter storm clips us, up and down temperatures for next week


There is currently a strong winter storm impacting the Midwest this evening. We are seeing heavy snowfall rates across Iowa and Missouri now. We are just on the edge of that system, so we will see lighter snow accumulations if any at all. Roads across the Stateline have already begun to be covered in snow.

Downtown Rockford as of 10:30 PM on the 14th

The light snow showers will continue into the early part of tomorrow morning as our temperatures get down below 20 for our overnight low.

Overall, we could see close to an inch of snow or less for most of the viewing area. The further West you go, snow totals will be a bit higher.

Overall, the snowfall track through the weekend and Monday will be swinging around Illinois and Indiana, leaving higher snow totals all around the those states.

Looking beyond the light snow in the near term, our temperatures will seem on a roller coaster. After hitting 40°F for the last three days, we got to 37° today, and then we will be below average for a couple days on Saturday and Sunday. We return to near average for Monday and Tuesday, and below average again for Wednesday and Thursday heading into the weekend.

The cooler conditions remain in place looking beyond the immediate week, showing strong signs we will see below average temperatures between the next 6 and 10 days.

We have only a few small chances for snow this week on Sunday night and Tuesday night as the roller coaster temperatures continue.

To see the details on the full forecast, watch the video below:

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